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Cap Reached for Additional Returning Worker H-2B Visas for FY 2021

Under the recently announced H-2B supplemental cap temporary final rule, USCIS has received enough petitions to reach the cap for the additional 16,000 H-2B visas made available for returning workers only. We continue to accept petitions for H-2B nonimmigrant workers for the additional 6,000 visas allotted for nationals of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador (collectively called the Northern Triangle).

We began accepting H-2B petitions on May 25 under the temporary final rule increasing the cap by up to 22,000 additional H-2B nonimmigrant visas through the end of fiscal year (FY) 2021. Of the 22,000 additional visas, 16,000 were available only for returning workers. The remaining 6,000 visas are initially set aside for nationals from the Northern Triangle who are exempt from the returning worker requirement.

Contact Darren Heyman, immigration attorney, for more information.

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