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ICE HSI marks the anniversary of Operation Stolen Promise with $48M in COVID-19 fraud proceeds, 21.2

WASHINGTON – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Homeland Security Investigation’s (HSI) marks the one-year anniversary of the announcement of Operation Stolen Promise, the ongoing operation protecting the United States from COVID-19 related crime. Combining HSI’s investigative expertise in intellectual property and trade violations, financial fraud, and cybercrime, HSI and its partners have seized over $48 million in illicit proceeds, opened more than 1,000 criminal investigations and made more than 2,000 seizures of mislabeled, fraudulent, or prohibited COVID-19 vaccines, test kits, including more than 21.2 million counterfeit respirator masks prevented from reaching hospital workers and first responders since April 15, 2020. Read more at:

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